James seems like an obvious choice. His words travel down the centuries straight into our hearts. It is the Word of God and is always practical. These words enter our hearts, seek out our motivations and our attitudes are laid open to us. It is impossible to read these words without self-examination, and some major spiritual surgery.

I have no great story about how this commentary came about, but as I thought about what to do, it was imprinted on my mind and the teaching seemed applicable to current events and circumstances. The Scripture is always cogent and we need to learn and relearn our lessons continually.

This commentary is laid out chapter by chapter and verse by verse. I pray my comments will be helpful to you and cause great changes in your life in Christ. He does not intend us to sail calmly along or enter our eternal rest on “flowery beds of ease..”

The only words I can assure you of being totally true, correct and reliable, are the actual text of the Holy Scripture. My words are open to debate, discussion and correction. This is true for every writer of Christian material. I trust my God to do what He wills with it, and I am grateful beyond words for His love and power in my life and mind. Every Christian has a faulty mind, and our minds are so changeable and subject to sinful tendencies. Only as we fortify ourselves with the Living Word of the Eternal God, have we any hope of overcoming the trouble and sin that we face.

, take up the book, the commentary and the living and active power of the Holy Spirit, and follow as our Saviour and King will lead…